Wall Hung Vanity Units For Your Bathroom

Wall Hung Vanity Units For Your Bathroom

Wall Hung Vanity Units can add an elegant touch to any bathroom. You can find them in many styles and sizes, from single and double sinks, to casement, corner and standalone vanity units. Whether you’re looking for a unit to use as a standalone or are constructing a master bathroom, there are plenty of options.

Wall hung vanity units come in many different materials and styles. Plastic can be readily found and frequently used, though more costly. Wood and wrought iron are two popular materials, but more expensive than plastic.

Classic bathroom design includes decorative moldings or tile around the area where the vanity unit will be set up. Moldings help to make the unit look more sophisticated and add color. However, if you want to avoid moldings, pick the unit using a straight flush-mount sink.

Single unit wall hung vanity units look nice in smaller bathrooms. A twin is ideal for a large bath. Available in single or double sinks, twin vanity units offer you more freedom to move around the space. Many of the vanity units available for wall hung units have optional slip covers to match the theme of the room.

Corner unit wall hung vanity units look great in walk-in closets or recessed lighting. The small space provides the illusion of a larger room. An optional hand rail and fitting sinks could be added to fit the look of the room.

A stand alone vanity unit is also available as a wall hung option. One sink is all that is needed, making this the perfect selection for apartment dwellers. Make sure that the sink can be mounted on a wall stud before selecting this style.

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If you’re looking for a complete suite, there are vanity units available in casement, corner and standalone styles. A casement unit is hung just like a regular one. Corner units are standard-height units with corner frames.

Standalone units may be single sink, double sink or perhaps a combination of a single and double. All these styles can be found with casement windows, designed for sliding doors or closets. Available in many designs, these units are attractive and useful.

Standalone units may be very plain or very ornate. They can be wall hung or semi-reclined, depending on how the unit is designed. Some vanity units provide double doors, folding doors, a draw, or even a magazine rack.

Adding a vanity unit to your bathroom is easy. If you already have a standard-height bathtub, you can find a vanity which will fit right into it. Look for units that are at least twice the height of the tub to help save space.

Choose from a variety of colours and finishes, available online or at your local home improvement store. Before choosing a style, consider the dimensions of the tub. You can use a matching unit or go for a contemporary vanity with contemporary, contemporary design.

Installing wall hung vanity units in your toilet is extremely simple. Even the very best bathroom walls won’t hold a vanity. With a good installation business, you can enjoy the new vanity in no time.

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