How to Buy a Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

How to Buy a Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

For those who have a bathroom with a wide vanity unit, you are consuming valuable space for laundry and other non-essential products. If this is the case, why not look at buying a couple of additional wall-mounted units?

The easiest way to get this done is to just add another wide vanity unit to the present one. So long as the present vanity unit was constructed in wall-hung form, it can be wall-hung to fit. Before you start, there are a few things to consider:

Is it important enough to install an additional’skin’ above the existing unit? Consider the place of your shower door and consider how you would like to position your clothes line or just simply hang a towel on the wall. Is it really necessary to hang a bulky cabinet on the wall? Are you concerned about picking up your clothes before your sink has dried?

Certain units have more drainage options than others. The bigger units will often have holes at the back for drainage and you might choose to conduct a water hose through the back of the room to provide that much needed irrigation. Try to think of your options before deciding to go all out and spend the money on a larger unit. You should also have the ability to get plumbing connections in this area if you want them.

Then decide where you would like to hang your vanity unit. Make sure that you are thinking about where you’ll be placing it. What is the best place to put it? Will you want to move it and will the units that already have shelves be able to accommodate it?

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Will you want to use a standard mirror or a mirror set? Some vanity units will have open shelves where you are able to use a mirror, but a few do not. If you’re using a mirror, make certain it’s the right size for the width of the unit. The old adage”a penny saved is a penny earned” is true .

Where will you mount the wall-hung unit? You might want to invest in some mounting hardware so that you don’t have to break the bank to get it. While you may be tempted to save the money and just buy a smaller wall-hung unit, you may wind up regretting it later on.

If you have a corner, choose an elegant unit and set it against the wall, or try putting it against the rear part of the vanity unit. You could also choose to buy one wall-hung unit that will hang down to an area that is off the wall.

This is where some study will help you immensely. Check out several unique types of vanity units to determine which ones offer exactly what you need.

Of course, if you’re installing one of the cabinets, you need to know the location of your bathroom and that of your specific vanity unit. Since you are installing the vanity unit on the wall, you probably will not have a bathroom installed but you will probably need a few cabinets in the bathroom.

As soon as you have determined this information, you can then pick out a vanity unit to meet these needs. There are a number of companies that will sell a broad vanity unit at a reasonable price so that you won’t need to spend a whole lot of money to have the ability to install this unit yourself.

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Why purchase a broad vanity unit? It may seem silly to invest the money when you are spending money elsewhere in the bathroom, but you aren’t spending money on this vanity unit independently.

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